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Every child should experience the joy that learning through creative play brings. If you need help right now, just ask!

About the Scholarship

As the owner and founder of The Create Kit, I believe every person should experience the knowledge and confidence that is gained when you explore through creative play. This is especially true for children. Crafting and play allows children to safely explore the world around them and the lessons they learn can shape their lives.

During normal circumstances, raising tiny humans can be tough. I understand that sometimes life circumstance make it so having access to the supplies and materials your child needs to express these creative outlets is sometimes unavailable.

That is why I have started The Create Kit Scholarship Program, as a way to help those who may need a little extra support right now.

Please know that I would love nothing more than to give unlimited Kits to families who need it, a limited number of applicants will be picked. There are a number of costs that are associated with running The Create Kit, if you are fortunate enough to be in a position to pay for a Kit please do not apply for this scholarship. Please make sure to only apply if you are truly in need to ensure that the scholarship is available to those that need it most.

I am personally funding these scholarships. If you have it in your heart to donate to this program, please find out how below.

Together we are raising the future and we all need a little help from a friend now and then. 


Please Tell Me A Little About Yourself and Your Child

If you need more room please feel free to email

This information is confidential, sharing your story does not guarantee that you will be granted a Kit, but I so appreciate your vulnerability and honesty.

Want To Give Back? Sponsor a Kit!

When you sponsor a Kit, I'll match your donation. That means your donation is automatically doubled and helping even more families. Kits are gifted anonymously and your donation makes it so a family can connect through creative play. It truly takes a village and I am honored you are a part of mine. 

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Scholarship Donation $75

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